Top 20 Benefits Of Paying Franchise Business Fee

Top 20 benefits of paying franchise business fee to Tumbledry
20 Benefits of Franchise Business Fee

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Hello, I am Gaurav Nigam, co-founder of Tumbledry – India’s largest dry clean and laundry chain. We have a strong franchise network spread across 100+ cities. While establishing more than 300+ stores in different demographics; we came across people having diverse mindsets, but there were some common thoughts. Many people are interested in a Tumbledry franchise but they can’t decide whether it’s worth it to pay the franchise fee or not. So, I am sharing the top 20 benefits of paying franchise business fee.

For Franchise Details:

Here they are:

Identification of the right store & location

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The first thing for setting up a laundry business is finding an ideal location and shop. It takes a lot of hard work and research to identify the right store. When you join hands with our team, you can stay stress-free about this aspect.

We will go to the identified markets in your area. Our team will carry out the required research and shortlist 4-5 stores in the best location. For example, if you want to work in Lower Parel in Mumbai, our team will visit and inspect the area. On the basis of several factors including population, demography, and market competition, we will shortlist 4-5 stores that can drive maximum business for you. You can select any one of them to start your store.

Lease and rent agreement negotiation

After identifying an ideal shop, we do negotiations for rent and lease. We work closely with the landlord to specify the terms and conditions and finalise the best deals for you. This also helps in keeping the fixed cost of your laundry franchise business in control. We will draft the rent or lease agreement and seize the deal. It helps our partners to start laundry business at the right commercial cost.

Complete Project management

Complete project management of your franchise business
Complete project management of your franchise business

A lot of big and small activities are required to set up a laundry store. Our team has designed a project charter that consists of 256+ such activities. We follow this charter carefully to ensure that your store is launched without any issues. Some of the crucial activities of our project charter include:

  • Franchise agreement
  • Territory marking
  • Sending on-boarding e-mails
  • GST Confirmation
  • Configuring bank details
  • Specifying layout & material
  • Revenue planning
  • Finalizing gas-based dryer specifications
  • Recruiting manpower
  • Training manpower
  • Machinery installation
  • Creating a Dry-run checklist
  • Maintaining a CRM cycle

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Store designing

Every store should be designed with an approach of optimum use of the available space. We have an in-house team of architects that provides different layouts for each franchise business store. These includes:

  • Electrical layout
  • Civil layout
  • Mechanical layout
  • Plumbing layout
  • Vastu layout

Our architectural team can work according to your requirements as well. You will get a 3D design of your store even before the construction begins so that you can have an idea of the look and feel of your future store. We ensure the best-in-class store design for you.

Supervision Of Contractual Work

We keep a close eye on the construction of your store. All the workers including electricians, plumbers, and carpenters work under a contractor. Our project team does daily and weekly supervision of the contractor through pictures, voice and video calls. This helps us in ensuring that everything stays on track. We ensure proper construction by consistent supervision so that you can launch your store at the decided date without any halts.

Machinery Purcahse & Installation

By paying franchise business fee you get the best machinery in your stores
Best-in-class machinery for your franchise business

Machinery plays a crucial role in dry clean and laundry stores. It covers almost 50-60 per cent of the total business cost. One has to research and find out the most suitable machinery, and contact the brand for sales, service, installation, and after-sales services. All of these activities require effort.  But you don’t have to do anything.

We have global tie-ups with international machinery brands for sales, service, installation, after-sales service and even AMCs. You will have the best-in-class machines from acclaimed brands like Electrolux, LG, and Alliance in your store with Tumbledry by your side.

Our qualified engineers will guide you on the installation, operation, service and maintenance of machinery. We always ensure that these processes are done by our team and our partners can work smoothly.

Manpower Recruitment

One of the most critical aspects to operate any business is hiring manpower. It may seem easy, however, finding the right people who can work efficiently is quite a task. While doing franchise business with Tumbledry, you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

Your franchise business needs three types of employees: Store manager, Washermen & Delivery personnel (Runners). We will recruit the most suitable candidates for your store.

Staff Training & Certification

Franchise business fee helps us to provide rigorous training to your staff
Training of franchise business staff

After recruitment, it is crucial to train the staff so that they can work ideally in your store. We have created exhaustive training modules for washermen and delivery personnel. I would like to explain that we have a rigorous 21-day training for washermen. It is easy to train delivery boys, however, it takes a lot to train the washermen. They should have detailed knowledge about how to operate different machines, understand garment label care instructions, and treat different fabrics, stains, and articles. etc. We ensure that every employee undergoes training sessions and works to the best of their abilities to give you a successful laundry franchise business.

Along with the training we also provide certification to the staff. The training and certification ensure that a person is qualified to do his job in the store. We ensure that your staff can provide best-in-class dry clean and laundry service to your customers which results in repetitive business.

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Live Demo & Dry-Run

After setting up your store and hiring staff, we conduct dry runs. Dry-Run is basically a demo that we offer to all our franchise partners. Our TSM (Territory Support Manager) will run your Tumbledry store to teach and supervise your staff. The aim here is to make your store staff understand the right way of operating a dry clean and laundry store.

We carry out the following activities during dry-run to give you live experience of actual operations:

  • Pick-up & Delivery to the customer
  • Creating order in the CRM
  • Treating the stains
  • Operating the machines
  • Ironing the clothes
  • Packing the clothes
  • Analysing data in CRM

During dry runs, our TSM will do all these activities for 2-5 days. Then, he will encourage your staff to work similarly and monitor the entire process. He will also guide the staff on areas of improvement. Once, our TSM will be assured that your laundry franchise store is ready to handle the number of orders/loads that Tumbledry expect, we will move to the next step.

Pre-Launch Promotion

Creative elements to promote your franchise business online
Pre-launch promotion for franchise business

Everyone wants to share the news of their new venture with friends & family and promote their business in their area. You will need creative images and videos for these purposes. And we have a pool of such creative elements with us. You can ask for images and videos you want and we will provide you with the same.  You can share them with your friends, family and other acquaintances. You can also share and circulate them on your social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc. This is yet another advantage of a franchise business with Tumbledry. You will have to make zero effort to get creative images & videos for promotion.

In-shop And Out-Shop Branding

Your franchise business will attract customers (walk-in business) if your store will be eye-catching and visible from all angles in a marketplace. It is crucial to ensure that the look and feel of your store are good enough to seem inviting to the customers. This becomes possible with ideal branding.

Tumbledry takes complete responsibility for both in-shop and out-shop branding. We ensure appropriate branding on the walls, reception logo, ACP board, glow sign board, flanges, etc. Our project team works rigorously towards getting all these things perfect and increasing walk-in business for your store.

Finance Integration For Franchise Business

Your franchise business is enabled to do online transactions
Your franchise business is enabled to do online transactions

We do finance integration for all our business partners to make online business easy. Our team integrates your bank account, Paytm, BharatPe and other payment gateways. Thus, it becomes easy for customers to place online orders and they prefer Tumbledry over local drycleaners, dhobis, etc. as we make laundry an online service for them. It is estimated that the number of online shoppers will rise to 220 billion by 2025 in India. Our team ensures that your franchise business gets the benefit of online shopping hype.

Price Benchmarking

Before launching a franchise store, it is important to figure out the right pricing for the dry clean and laundry services within that territory. This is yet another task that needs extensive research at the ground level and online as well. But you don’t have to do anything at all. Because Tumbledry does the right price-benchmarking for your franchise business.

Our marketing team visit relevant stores which are potential competitors of your laundry franchise business. They find out the pricing at which such stores are operating in the market. They also use an algorithm at the backend. Both these activities let us decide what should be our competitive pricing.

You will get the best pricing structure from our end so that your franchise business can compete well in the market. You’ll not incur a loss because of low pricing and you will not lose customers because of high pricing as well. This is another reason that makes Tumbledry – the best laundry franchise business opportunity.

Detailed Induction on Franchise Business

You need to have detailed knowledge of how the laundry business works to run the store efficiently. To help you in acquiring this knowledge we will schedule a one-on-one induction with our Co-Founder and industry veteran – Mr Naveen Chawla.

In a one-and-a-half-hour induction session, he will guide you on:

  • Basic principles of the laundry business
  • How to operate a laundry franchise business
  • Core things you should focus on for long-term viability
  • Effective ways to achieve financial success

This induction will provide you with valuable insights for a profitable laundry franchise business. Even if you have never done any business earlier, his guidance will make you confident about starting a new venture. We will ensure that you have the right kind of knowledge to work efficiently.

Tumbledry franchise can definitely give you a profitable business within six months.

Unique Google Business Identity

Unique Google identity for your franchise business
Unique Google identity for your franchise business

If you will not take your traditional franchise business on the web, you will miss a huge growth opportunity. Having an online presence has tons of benefits, so we create a unique Google business identity for your franchise business store. We have 300+ stores and each of them has a separate Google business identity.

Whenever a customer will search “laundry near me” or “dry cleaners near me” within your territory, your Google identity will pop up on the screen. This way you will get more customer leads via Google.

CRM Configuration And Training

To manage a business efficiently it is crucial to involve technology, but it requires some investment. People who plan to have just one store hesitate to invest a big amount in technology. However, in alliance with Tumbledry, you will leverage the benefits of technology without any additional investment.

We aim to reach every household in India. To achieve this goal, we heavily invest in technology. We have developed effective CRM. It is used to create a customer in your billing software, to create an order, fulfil an order, deliver an order, or accept payments to just engage with your customers. Our team does CRM configuration for you and offers training to your staff as well.

Mobile App For Customers

Customer app for franchise business partners
Mobile app for your customers

People love services that come to their doorstep with a click. We know that as a brand we have to cater to consumer habits. Hence, we have designed a mobile application to bring a difference. Customers from all over India use our dry clean and laundry service via mobile app. They can easily place and track their orders with us. This gives us an upper hand over the local dry cleaners.

The customers within your territory will also have access to our mobile app as we will configure your store in our system. Hence, whenever a user will download our app in your territory, you will reflect as an authorized Tumbledry franchise business partner.

Mobile App For Delivery Executives

Mobile app for delivery executives of franchise business
Mobile app for your delivery executives

Along with having a mobile app for our customers, we also offer a mobile app for runners. It is designed to make order management easy.  Our team will create a unique identity for your delivery executives in this app.

The delivery boys can record all orders in the app anywhere, anytime without any hassle. By using this application, they never miss mentioning any important details about the customer or order.

Tumbledry’s modernized World-class services are a clear cut way to successful business.

Centralized Call Centre

Centralized call centre for franchise business partners
Centralized call centre for franchise business partners

Tumbledry provides complete customer support to all franchise business partners. We operate a centralized call centre to help existing and potential customers. Whenever a prospective customer will call from your territory, we will share the right Google address of your store instantly. This will make your potential customers reach your store easily.

Our call centre set-up also helps in effective complaint redressal. Our executives record your customer complaints and issues to offer quick and effective solutions. We always go that extra mile for customer satisfaction and this is why Tumbledry is the best laundry franchise business opportunity.

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Partner Help Desk

Franchise business partner help desk
Ticketing system for franchise business partners

Every business has to face some challenges in day-to-day operations. While running a franchise business with us, you will easily get over such challenges. Because we have a ticketing system to solve all irritants and issues that our partners face in running their Tumbledry store.

We will configure you as a business partner in our ticketing system right after you get on board with us. You can raise a ticket for trivial as well as major issues.  Thereafter, you will get the right, prompt and effective resolutions from our end. You will never feel stuck while operating a laundry franchise business. Hence, you can choose our laundry franchise business without a doubt.

Hoping that now you are not in the midway of deciding whether or not to do a laundry franchise business I am concluding this blog post.


Key Takeaway

I have explained all the top 20 activities that we do for our franchise partners. These are the tasks that eventually make a business foundation strong. With a perfectly-designed store packed with the best-in-class machinery in an ideal location and well-trained staff, you will also get access to the best technology. There is nothing that can go wrong with your franchise business when you will get all of this altogether. Due to this extensive assistance in setting up and running up your store, we make it very easy for our partners to have a successful business.

To carry out all of these processes Tumbledry has to incur some costs and we charge a nominal franchise fee for the same. Once all the above-listed things are done, there are no difficult tasks are left to do for the franchise store owner. Hence, you can start and run your franchise business with us smoothly. Even if you have never done a business, you can still stand tall as an entrepreneur with a Tumbledry store.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not necessarily purport to reflect the values or views of Tumbledry.

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Seven Step Process

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  • Inspection

    Shoe material analyzed to decide the cleaning methodology.

  • Dismantling

    The laces, sole, and other removable parts are separated to be cleaned individually.

  • Deep Cleaning & Stain Removal

    Any spots or stains are removed with German organic chemicals.

  • Deodorize (Anti-bacterial Treatment)

    All the bacteria, viruses and bad odor is eliminated.

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  • Assembly

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning Service By Tumbledry

An intense, deep-cleaning of carpets to restore their original glory

We specialize in dry cleaning of Persian rugs, silk & Turkish carpets, and all other premium, imported rugs of nylon, wool, cotton, polyester and olefin.

  • 100% carpet fabric color & luster preserved
  • Eco-friendly, pet and child-safe detergents
  • Anti germ treatment & deodorization
  • Mold damage reversal
  • Complimentary border pasting


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Our Woolmark approved Lagoon system is the world’s most advanced and eco-friendly technology for dry cleaning woolen garments – sweaters, coats, furs, shawls, pashmina, and jackets.

Your woolen garments will be delivered stain free, and will retain their original texture, smoothness, fluffiness, shape & size. Our advanced systems and processes ensure zero shrinkage.

For expensive and delicate woolens like furs & pashmina, we use special eco-friendly chemicals from Germany which are of neutral ph, and form a protective covering around wool fiber to maintain its shine & lustre after dry cleaning.


Curtain Dry Cleaning Service At Tumbledry

Premium curtain dry cleaning service service with facility to remove the curtains from rods and install them back after dry cleaning.

  • Processing as per curtain fabric type (silk, velvet, blackout etc)
  • Zero shrinkage guaranteed with our Italian technology
  • 99% stain removal promise
  • 100% shine & lustre maintained with our German organic chemicals
  • Crisp, wrinkle free steam iron
  • Complimentary curtain ring replacement

Leather Dry Cleaning

We specialize in dry cleaning of leather shoes, bags and jackets

Professional leather dry cleaning for jackets, bags, purses, clutches, wallets, belts, shoes, boots and stilettos.

Protect your leather items from dirt, dust, oil stains, perspiration, dehydration, mold & mildew.

Our expert leather care technicians inspect each item with utmost care to assess the color, shade, and type of leather, and accordingly decide the most appropriate treatment.

Complimentary conditioning and polishing to ensure smooth & shining finish

Shoes/Bag Cleaning & Restoration

Shoe & Bag Dry Cleaning & Restoration By Tumbledry

Experts in dry cleaning of Sports, Canvass, Leather, Suede, Nubuck Shoes, Sneakers, Boots, Sandals and Canvass, Jute, Leather & Suede Bags

    • Gentle chemicals and conditioners to maintain the color & fabric.
    • Mink & Lanolin Oil Nourishment
    • Spotless cleaning of laces, straps, insoles, and inner lining
    • Disinfection with our German deodorizers

Following Restoration Services are also available:

    • Sole pasting
    • Inner sole replacement
    • Damaged collar replacement
    • Inner lining replacement
    • Heel replacement
    • Sole replacement
    • Re coloring
    • Laces replacement

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Haute Couture Dry Cleaning At Tumbledry

Want to restore the glory of your haute couture? Look no further than Tumbledry!

We have a separate team of processing experts who handle your most expensive silk, bridal & designer wear for dry cleaning. Each Haute Couture article is given a customized treatment in our state of the art dry cleaning facility.

Our team has more than a decade experience of dry cleaning most delicate and expensive silk sarees, including: Banarasi silk, Kanjivaram/Kanchipuram silk, Baluchari silk, Bomkai silk, Tussar silk, Chanderi silk, Dharmavaram silk, Banglori silk, Mysore silk, and Patola silk.

Be it Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, Masaba Gupta, or Sabyasachi Mukherjee – we have got tons of experience dry cleaning fashion articles from most popular designer houses. We understand the nuances of the make and design, as well as the fabric structure used by these designer houses – and this enables us to give the perfect treatment to these haute couture articles