12 Best Franchise Business In Tamil Nadu

12 Best Low Cost Franchise Business in Tamil Nadu

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The Cato institute, which is popularly known as the American public policy think tank, showcased economic freedom of different states in India through a report.
As per the said report, Tamil Nadu is the 2
nd state in India with highest financial freedom. Henceforth, it is also one of the most preferred states for start-up investments. On the top of it, Tamil Nadu has favourable Government policies for entrepreneurs and easy availability of cheap labour. This further strengthens the state’s position as an ideal location for businesses. If you are willing to start a business in Tamil Nadu, you should spend a few minutes here. We’ve accumulated a list of 12 low cost franchise business in Tamil Nadu.


Did you know? 

Tamil Nadu’s GSDP grew at 8.19%, faster than the national average.

This is a clear indication of growth potential that Tamil Nadu holds.

These are the franchise options we will discuss here:

What is a Franchise Business?

A franchise model is a type of business that is owned and run by different individuals (franchisees) in different regions but branded by a single large company (franchisor). The franchisor owns the original business and licences the right to use its brand name, service/product, knowledge and all other trademarks in exchange for franchise fee, royalty or commission to the franchisees.

Now, let’s move to see some of the low cost yet profitable franchise business in Tamil Nadu. We will also have a look at their estimated cost. 

What is the Estimate Cost of Owning A Franchise Business in Tamil Nadu?

Laundry Franchise:

  • Investment required: ₹25 Lakh
  • Space required: 250 sq. ft
  • Average breakeven time: 3-6 months

Restaurant Franchise:

  • Investment required: ₹15 – 28 Lakh
  • Space required: 150 – 500 sq. ft
  • Average breakeven time: 1 – 2 years

Auto Repair and Service Franchise:

  • Investment required: ₹ 10 – 30 Lakh
  • Space required: 2000 – 4000 sq. ft
  • Average break even time: 3 – 5 years

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Educational Training Institute Franchise:

  • Investment required: ₹ 10 – 15 Lakh
  • Space required: 1000 – 15,000 sq. ft
  • Average breakeven time: 2 – 4 years

Computer and IT Franchise:

  • Investment required: ₹20 – 40 Lakh
  • Space required: 2500 – 4000 sq. ft
  • Average breakeven time: 4 – 6 years

Clothing Franchise:

  • Investment required: ₹ 3 – 8 Lakhs
  • Space required: 250 – 600 sq. ft
  • Average breakeven time: 1 – 3 years

12 Best Franchise Business in Tamil Nadu


Tumbledry is most profitable franchise business in Tamil Nadu

Tumbledry is India’s largest laundry and dry clean chain. The brand was started in 2019 and runs on a robust franchise business model. Within just 4 years of existence, Tumbledry has spread across all Indian states and union territories and UTs. They have a strong franchise network of 1000+ stores spread across 360+ cities. Currently on an expansion spree, Tumbledry is all set to open 2000 stores by 2026.

Tumbledry franchise partners achieve operational break-even within 3 months of operation and enjoy 80% annual ROI. You can have your own Tumbledry franchise business in Tamil Nadu with an investment of 25 lakh. The space requirement for a Tumbledry store is just 250 sq. ft. 

For Franchise Details:

Ferns N Petals

Ferns and Petals is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu

Ferns n’ Petals was started in 1994 as a small flower shop in Delhi. Fast forward to today, the brand has more than 1000+ stores and known as largest florist chain in India. They now deal in flowers, cakes, plants, personalized gifts, decoration services and a lot more. 

It takes an investment of INR 15 Lakh to start this franchise business in Tamil Nadu. As far as space is concerned, you will need a 300 sq. ft. area for an FNP store.


Kidzee is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu

KidZee is one of the best pre-school franchises in India. It was started in 2003, and since then the brand has established more than 1900 centres across India. This popular pre-school franchise can be started in Tamil Nadu with an investment of INR 12-15 lakh. Along with this, a school area of 2000-3000 sq. ft. is also required for this franchise business.

Recruiting hub

Recruiting hub is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu
Recruiting hub

Recruiting Hub is a B2B Online Recruitment Marketplace which was started in 2016. The brand keeps recruiters and employers connected through AI and ML algorithms. This facilitates faster filling up of vacancies through single contract. 

Recruiting Hub started selling franchises in 2018. It just takes around 250 sq. ft. of land and INR 2-4 Lakh to start this franchise business in Tamil Nadu. 

Fries and Burger

Fries and Burger is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu
Fries and Burger

Fries and Burgers is a new  food culture company, which was started in 2020. It began selling franchisees in 2021. Fries and Burgers is commonly known for offering a healthy ambiance and good dining experience.  You can start a Fries & Burgers franchise store if you have 1000-2000 sq. ft. space and 10-20 lakh INR to invest in the business.


Inksta is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu

Inksta is a famous business in Tamil Nadu with local print solutions. The brand was founded in 2020 and started franchising in 2021. Inksta sells different inks, printers, cartridges sales and services to large business enterprises, and local offices. Their customized AMC service plans gives them an upper hand amid competition. You can start an Inksta franchise business with just 2-5 lakhs of investment, space requirement is also just 200-250 sq. ft. 

Earn heavy returns on investment – 80% Annual ROI

Madras coffee house

Madras Coffee House is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu
Madras coffee house

Madras Coffee House is one of the most popular cafes in Tamil Nadu. People from all age groups comes under its customer base as this cafe is dedicated to engaging ambience and good. 

The Madras Coffee House was founded in 2010 and started franchising in 2016. To start this franchise business in Tamil Nadu, an initial investment of 5-10 Lakh INR and around 250 sq. ft. of area is required.

Puffs n Rolls

Puffs n Rolls is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu
Puffs n Rolls

Puffs n rolls is a bakery brand that deals in customized cakes and sweets for special occasions. It was founded in 2001 and started franchising in 2003. In the last decade, Puffs n Rolls has established itself as a trustworthy brand with a huge customer base. You can start this franchise business in Tamil with an investment of INR 8-10 Lakh, also around 1000-1500 sq. ft. area is required for a Puffs n Rolls store. 

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Gurucool is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu

Gurucool was founded in 2019 and started franchising since 2022. This brand offers a set of tools that connect learners with educators. Gurucool is also developing the Padhaa platform, which is an ed-tech social initiative to offer easy access to education across India. In order to start this franchise business in Tamil Nadu, you will need  INR 10-15 Lakh for investment and 1000-2000 sq. ft. area. 


Netstacks is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu

Netstack Technologies was founded in 2020 and started franchising since 2021.  They provide IT solutions to enhance business insights. This helps the clients/consumers to make better decisions leading to better customer engagement, and lesser operational risks. You start this low cost franchise business in Tamil Nadu with only INR 50,000 investment and 200-250 sq. ft. area.


Amani is a franchise business in Tamil Nadu

Amani provides a broad range of premium merchandise in lifestyle and fashion. The brand was started in 2012 and began selling franchises since 202. The brand focuses on crafting the most trendy and elite products including fashion accessories, ladies/kids apparel, and lifestyle. To start this franchise business in Tamil Nadu, you will need to invest INR 5-7 Lakh and have 250-300 sq. ft. of area.

Auto Clinic

Auto Clinic is a franchise business in Tamil
Auto Clinic

Auto Clinic is a two-wheeler workshop offering premium repair services within the least amount of time. It was started in 2014 and came into franchising in 2016. The brand promises quick service with efficiency to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. To start this franchise business in Tamil Nadu you will need 5-10 lakh INR for investment and 250-500 sq. ft. of area.

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Franchise Business Is Profitable In Tamil Nadu Or Not

A franchise’s success depends on the location of that establishment. The better and bigger the place is, the better opportunities you will have to run the franchise successfully. Some of the best locations in Tamil Nadu that can boost your franchise business venture are:

Franchise Business In Madurai

Madurai is the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu and is one of the longest-living cities in the world. Madurai has almost ten lakhs of citizens and is an ideal place for business opportunities as its rich culture attracts a lot of people opening the door for cheap labour. As the travellers in the city seek the best services, it poses opportunities for franchise business in Madurai making the business profitable.

Franchise Business In Chennai

As the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai has become one of the largest technological hubs in India and is also the largest commercial and industrial centre of South India with a population of nearly 1.12 crore as recorded in 2020. Due to its improving economic conditions and large population, Chennai is one of the best places in Tamil Nadu for establishing a franchise business. Other than that the geographic location and the young, energetic crowd in the city are ideally favorable to running a profitable franchise business in Tamil Nadu.

Franchise Business In Coimbatore

Coimbatore is referred to as the Manchester of South India as its economy is influenced by textiles and informational technology. It also has the second largest GDP in Tamil Nadu and has 4 special economic zones. Franchise businesses focused on Information Technology and Textile Industries can get a perfectly suitable economic condition in Coimbatore.

Key Takeaway

Hopefully, the above-mentioned list of franchises provided you with insight into the franchise business in Tamil Nadu, India. Tamil Nadu has the potential to become one of the best business hubs in the world opening the door for franchise businesses.  You can also check the top ten franchises in India to know more about this field.

FAQs on the best franchise business in Tamil Nadu

Apart from the franchise businesses mentioned in the article poultry farming enterprises, bakery businesses, event management etc. are some of the best businesses in Tamil Nadu.

Some of the best franchise businesses in Tamil Nadu are Tumbledry, KFC, Fries and Burger, Inksts, Puffs and Rolls, Gurucool etc.

  • To create an online franchise, here’s what you need to do:
  • Create a fantastic and effective website
  • Take advantage of social media
  • Include high-quality images
  • Consider SEO marketing
  • Prioritize customer service
  • Find a community to seek help
  • Position yourself as an expert in the field.

Five major types of franchises are job franchise, business format franchise, product franchise, conversion franchise and investment franchise.



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not necessarily purport to reflect the values or views of Tumbledry.

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