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6 Benefits Of Line Drying - Best Way To Dry Your Clothes

6 Benefits of line drying clothes after laundry
6 Benefits of line drying clothes after laundry

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Due to the constant hassle of the urban lifestyle, we all take resort to shortcuts or things that can save us time. Everyday household chores witness such time-saving tactics a lot. People are aggressively transitioning to machines. You will see them everywhere, dishwashers, mixer grinders, washing machines, etc. There is no doubt they save time but some of them have their own disadvantages as well. One such thing is the Dryer machine.

Many people have switched due to dryer machines for drying their clean clothes. But this is something you can easily avoid and you should avoid. Because your clothes already go through a lot of agitation in the washing machine (even in gentle cycles). Further agitation in the dryer weakens the fabric and reduces the life of your clothes. Hence, it is better to stick to the traditional way to dry clothes – Line Drying.

In this article, we will tell 6 benefits of line drying that make it the perfect way to dry clothes. But before that we will see what exactly it is:

What Is Line Drying

When you line dry or hang dry your clean clothes, you hang them up on a line. This line can be a store-bought clothesline, rubber rope or anything else. Clothes are hung to dry and secured with clothes pins or clips. Basically, it is a process of air drying clothes wherein you let the water evaporate from the clothes slowly in the surrounding atmosphere. It can be done inside as well as outside depending on the kind of space you have and the weather in your area.

Benefits Of Line Drying Clean Clothes

Disinfects clothes without chemicals

You can disinfect clothes by line drying them under the sun
You can disinfect clothes by line drying them under the sun

Yes, line drying helps in sanitization but only if you dry your laundry under direct sunlight. The sun has disinfectant properties, so, if your clothes get dried out under the sun it will kill the bacteria too. You can flip the garments to the opposite side so that the whole fabric gets direct exposure to sunlight.

Please note that this does not apply in case you are dealing with the bedding pieces or clothes of a sick person. You will have to use a commercial disinfectant in such cases. Also, clothes that have come in contact with chemicals directly such as lab coats will also need a proper disinfectant.

Whitens white clothes

Line drying under the sun can whiten white clothes
Line drying under the sun can whiten white clothes

If you will line dry laundry outside under the sun, it can definitely help in whitening your whites. The ultraviolet rays of the sun breakdown the chemical compounds and cause fading of colour. This gives a bleaching effect to white clothes. So, if you want brighter whites, line dry all your white clothes under the sun.

Now, you should consider that line drying is not a replacement to fabric whiteners or bleach. It can just give an additional brightening effect. You can line dry your clean clothes after using bleach on them for better results.

Removes odour from clothes

Line drying under sun can remove odour
Line drying under sun can remove odour

Sunlight can actually remove scents and odours of smoke, mould & mildew, food, etc. In general bad odours occurs due to bacteria. As mentioned earlier, the UV rays of the sun break down chemical compounds and kill bacteria. This is how it removes the odour. 

If you love to have a natural fresh smell in your clothes without adding any fabric deodorizers, you can line dry laundry. Unlike a dryer, you don’t have to add dryer sheets to the load. 

In case there is a strong odour in your clothes, we recommend using vinegar in laundry. It can remove odour without leaving a smell of its own. Afterwards you can line dry such clothes in the sun. And the odour will be completely gone.

Makes your clothes last longer

Line drying can increase the lifespan of clothes
Line drying can increase the lifespan of clothes

Line drying is gentle on clothes. When you skip the tossing and tumbling that happens inside a dryer and line dry laundry, it gives a long life to your clothes. Be it a washing machine or a dryer machine, they both give a certain agitation to your clothes. The pressure can cause wear and strain on the garments, especially on seams and snags from buttons and zippers. If you have a heat-based dryer and use it in a “high-heat” setting, it can damage the fibres of the fabric. Sometimes these damages are irreversible.

You can avoid the risk of any such damages and line dry laundry. When there will be lesser risk of damage your clothes will last you longer and stay in a good condition too.

Caution: When you should not prefer line drying

We do not recommend you line dry laundry when you have washed woollen clothes. They should be laid on a flat surface as wool is prone to shrinkage if it is hung.

Vintage fabrics that have rips or tears or are extremely heavy when wet should not be line dried. The weight of the wet fabric may make rips worse.

Saves money and energy

Line drying saves money and energy in laundry
Line drying saves money and energy in laundry

Until here, we were explaining why you should line dry laundry for the sake of your clothes. However, at this point, we will discuss a different aspect.

You have to incur a certain cost to use a dryer machine for its electricity consumption and time-to-time maintenance. For some, it may be nominal, whereas some people may actually like the idea of cost-cutting laundry. Either, isn’t it good to save some money when you can do that easily? People who line dry laundry don’t incur even a nominal cost, it’s free.

Other than this, when you line dry laundry instead of using a dryer, you protect the environment as it conserves energy. By skipping the use of dryer machines you end up reducing your carbon footprint. It seems like a small step, but it definitely has its own influence. You can call line drying your baby steps towards the green laundry.

Increases physical activity

Line drying promotes physical activity
Line drying promotes physical activity

Last not least, line drying will let you move around the house. If you are a hyperactive person or someone who works out decently, this is not really a perk for you. However, if you are a bit on the lazier side and struggle to move without any reason, here is an excuse for physical activity.

It is even better if you have a lot of clothes to dry. It will let you do around 15 minutes of physical activity. You can line dry laundry inside or outside at your convenience.

We hope now you will prefer line drying your clean clothes over using a dryer machine. In case you want some more tips about line drying, washing clothes or removing stains, keep visiting Tumbledry. We post regularly on these topics to help you in giving better care to your clothes.

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