5 Uses Of Baking Soda In Laundry That You Must Know​

5 Uses of baking soda in laundry

Baking soda can be called “An Everyday Miracle” as it is a highly versatile yet easily available product in common households. If you know the right ways to use baking soda in your everyday tasks, you will be amazed.

How To Use Starch For Clothes

How to use starch for clothes

In spite of being a crucial ingredient to a good wardrobe, many people don’t know how to use starch for clothes. If you can relate to this, don’t worry, this article will tell you everything about starching clothes at home.

Top 4 Uses Of Vinegar In Laundry

Top 4 Uses of Vinegar in Laundry

Vinegar is a multipurpose ingredient in laundry. It can remove stains, remove odours, disinfect your clothes and make them softer. Read to know how.